Lost for words?

I’m Laura. I’ve been writing copy and content for over a decade, parenting a wild child for seven years, and failing to tame a crazy hairstyle for a lifetime.

I’m a Leeds-based freelance copywriter. Business owners, like you, hire me to write and edit words that give your business personality and make you more money.

Why do you need a copywriter?

You’re great at what you do. You’ve got fab ideas, you’re a laugh to be around, and you have a killer business approach that throws shade on your competitors.

But if you’re a “synergy-focussed solutions expert with a passion for customer care”, no one’s going to have a bloody clue what you’re on about.

Your copy needs to be free from naff jargon, full of personality, friendly to Google, and fire up your customers to think: ‘Hey, it’s YOU I need to buy from.’ But how do you do that?

Hire a freelance copywriter and content writer, like me. I’ll save you time, reduce your stress and build your business with the words that sell your stuff to the right people.

You need me to:

  • Find a voice for your brand
  • Write jargon-free copy
  • Review your current content
  • Increase your sales
  • Free up your time.

With my help, you’ll get:

  • An authentic brand voice
  • Client-winning copy
  • Fresh, relevant content
  • More sales and enquiries
  • Extra hours in the day.

Why work with me?

Anyone can write. Course they can. But we’re talking about the business and reputation you’ve worked so hard to build. So if you want words to work for you, you know it makes sense to hire a copywriter who can write those words bloody well.

You’ll find logos on my Homepage of some of the companies who pay me time and again to write copy and content for them. And on my Clients page, you can read their very own words about why they think you should pay me to add value to your business too.

But you’re not a specialist in my sector.

You’re right, I’m not. Nor am I an expert in signal box installations, charity donation platforms, or festive-themed erotic underwear* (or indeed any of the other things I’m paid to write about regularly). But that’s the point.

The industry expert, my friend, is you. And it’s because you know your stuff so well that you need someone else to step in and take a look. I’ll get rid of the complicated jargon you’ve been using for years. I’ll ask the questions your clients are desperate for you to answer. And I’ll deliver copy and content that speaks to your audience – the people who convert to your customers.

I’ll save you time and get you more sales. Win.



Press Green Design Studio

Laura’s copy is remarkably different from the usual twaddle. Rarely am I so impressed with someone else’s creative work.

David Cliff,
Graphic Designer