‘Yule love this subject line!’ When email marketing gets festive.

It started in August.

It was early. So when the email announcing it was ‘Christmas Party Time!’ arrived in late summer, I steadied my nerve.

I love Christmas. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year (*all together now!*). But there’s something about a seasonal pun that has businesses all excited. So excited, in fact, that they just can’t wait to pop a festive phrase in their email subject lines and let their customers know what a holly jolly Christmas to expect.

I’m not Scrooge. But I do like a little originality. So here’s a little note of some of the festive fiends that have appeared in my inbox so far this year.

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Image c/o @zugme

‘Yule love our latest offers’

(Maybe I will. But thanks to this subject line, I won’t open your email to find out).

‘’Winter is coming’

(Are you of the House of Stark? Then you know nothing, Jon Snow. Except how to copy every other Game of Thrones fan out there).

‘New Year, New [insert product or service here]’

(Yawn. New Year, new copywriter?)

‘We’ve got Christmas all wrapped up’

(You’re unlikely to actually wrap it for me, which is the least enjoyable task of the entire year).

‘Feast on our top deals’

(For restaurants, I will accept this. Just).

(Rather than simply cringe into your mince pie, why not have a little fun with some Christmas copy bingo? Glug from your mug of mulled wine every time one of these lands in your inbox and you’ll have a very merry Christmas indeed.)

Looking for some festive originality? Drop me a line.

*Easter falls victim to the same crime, and you can read my ‘egg-cellent’ thoughts here (sorry).*


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