Post on LinkedIn and you’ll piss people off

Alright, it’s not the motivational mantra you were expecting from someone who writes content for a living. But put yourself out there and, chances are, someone will take their bat home about it.

Let’s get this in quickly: debate, differing opinions and democracy are all cracking.

Yet armed with a keyboard and shielded by a screen, some people will decide your post is the time and place to take umbrage with someone or something.

Here’s an example

I posted a picture of a van on LinkedIn (gripping stuff) belonging to some kind of car repair and service company. Their apostrophe misuse was, frankly, bonkers. It’s funny, and it’s relevant to my line of work.

I gave the photo a one-line caption and left it at that.

And I didn’t name the company ‘cos I’m not an arse.

95% of people found it entertaining. 5% were peeved.

  • “They are probably dyslexic and therefore it’s unfair not to evaluate them as individuals.”
  • “Signwriters may just be pressing print on anything so that means it’s their fault.”
  • “Their mistakes mean they offer impeccable service.” (I remain confused by this.)

Sure, it’d be mean to name, shame and call them idiots. It’d also be mean to rub this in the face of someone who’d recently been traumatised by a cambelt failure incident. But when even the most innocent, innocuous stuff relevant to your own services can take a battering, then no one is safe.

The good news?

Feel the fear and post it anyway.

  • Debate, passive aggressive comments or narky twats all boost your engagement.
  • Having a thought, an opinion or even just a slightly passing observation shows you’re not a boring wet flannel.
  • Responding to the comments gives you chance to show you’ve considered a new viewpoint or to quash the real twonks with witty retorts and extra knowledge.

So, go on. Post it.

You’ll probably piss someone off. But it’ll be worth it.

Oh, and whatever you do, do NOT end your post with ‘Agree or disagree?’. CRINGE.

Not sure what to post? I’ll sort you out with that. Gimme a shout.