You’re probably sick of hearing about this GDPR business. But it’s kind of big news. And it’s important because it shows that businesses of all shapes and sizes (including little ones, like mine) understand that you need to know what data we hold on you, how we record it, and what we do to keep your details safe.

It’s pretty serious stuff. As such, I’ve updated my privacy policy.

I’ve made this clear, simple, and easy to understand. So I’d encourage you to take a minute or two to have a read below. (You don’t have to do anything, unless you’re unhappy – in which case, simply scroll to the bottom of this post and get in touch.) And if you have any questions, or want to ask me about the data I hold on you, you can simply drop me a line and I’ll happily chat it through.

Privacy Policy

What data do I hold?

As a sole trader, the details I need to hold on you to make transactions and shout out about what I’m up to are very limited. This is usually just your name and email address. And I only ever use the details I hold to share information, via email and directly from me, that I think you’ll find interesting or relevant. (Or, of course, so we can discuss projects and quotes, and pay each other.)

If we’ve worked together, I’ll also likely have a record of your address. And, naturally, if I’ve purchased a product or service from you, I’ll have the account details you provided me with to make the payment.

How have I gathered this data?

I only obtain details that you have openly provided and shared with the clear aim that sharing may promote mutual business gains and allow us to support one another in business. For example, this may be when you got in touch with me by email, or shared your business card with me. (I’ll be honest: it’s a small list, as I’ve not made it my business to gather any data from anyone who I am not certain is totally happy to have shared it. And it’s rare that I send out any marketing communications at all unless you’re a client of mine.) I never have, and never will, purchase any data or obtain contact details via a third party.

What about your clients’ data?

As a freelancer, should we work on a project together that requires me to access any of your data or your clients’ data, we will ensure we have a full discussion prior to the project around data protection. None of the data you hold will be used by me beyond any activity necessary (and approved by you and/or your client) for project completion, and I will never use the data for my own gains.

How do I keep your data safe?

All information I hold is stored on a secure, private laptop computer, password-protected and accessed only by me. It is fully insured by a well-known, reputable computer insurer. Where applicable, I also hold some data in my private business Xero account. This is solely in order for use to complete necessary business financial transactions. Again, this is securely password-protected, and access is limited to me alone.

How do you view, or remove, your details from my records?

Need to know what information I hold? Just drop me a line. If you’d like me to remove any record of any data I hold on you, simply ask and I’ll readily oblige. And if you no longer wish to hear from me, simply click ‘unsubscribe’ from any emails I send you. I’ll remove your details from my records.

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