How does it work?

You value good content. You know clever copy wins clients. And you want to invest in making your business better and your customers happier.

That’s all you need to get started.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been operating for years or your brand is still just a great idea: you’re in the right place. We’ll start with a chat, and you’ll tell me what your company cares about, which clients you want, and who you need your copy to talk to.

Next, I’ll send you a proposal, with some costs, about what will work for you – and why. If you’re happy, boom. A quick sign of my T&Cs, a 50% deposit payment if you’re a brand-new client, and we’re off.

What does it cost?

If you want to pay a tenner for a 600-word blog post (yep, someone once did), then run away now before I tell you to jog on.

But if you think you have to invest £5K in three pages of website copy to get new business, that’s not quite right either.

Got money to spend? Let’s research competitors and keywords, build brand voices, and write your new copy and content from start to finish so it’s wonderfully, uniquely ‘you’.

Keeping budgets tight? Rewriting and editing are great choices. You send me your words and I rework them so you save some cash and still get good content.

Need a copy review? Assessment and feedback on your current copy and content starts at just £195.

All projects and prices include a proper chat about you, your business, and your goals so I can get to know what really matters to you. And I don’t charge VAT, so the price you see is the price you pay.

Fancy a package deal?

The more time you spend with me, the more money you’ll save. Here are my retained rates for the lucky bods who sign up to work with me every month:

Double whammy

Get two days of my time, dedicated just to you, and you’ve got your copy covered. Content plans are taken care of, blog posts are written up, and you don’t need to think about what to say, when or how. Sorted.


One day at a time

Sign on the dotted line for a full day’s work and it’ll be yours to use as you please*. Have to start on the copy for a new client’s website this month? Got a LinkedIn bio that needs a rewrite? Have a great new product to push out? We’ve got this.


Gimme five

Five hours a month might be all you need to cover that newsletter copy, sort out that case study or refresh a few pages of your website. And if you book it ahead as a regular thing, you’ll get the best rate for the best copy and content. Happy days.


*Within reason (stick with written words please). And some T&Cs apply to all, obvs. Just ask.

Are you a non-profit?

You are? Excellent. I give charities a 10% discount on all my prices.


Westerby Consultancy

When I needed some case studies doing, working with you was an easy choice after we’d already worked together on my website.

The work you have done for me and the feedback I’ve had from my clients is fantastic.

Ben Westerby