Shoving myself in your face

Who do I think I am, plastering my face all over everything?

Someone who rebranded to a business that’s all about her own name that’s who.

Yep, I’m now officially ‘Laura Barritt Copywriting’

Look at this – it’s new!

I have a new website, new email address, and new ‘name’. But the same business, the same way of working and (disappointingly or otherwise) the same hair.

Why? I didn’t like my old business name very much. It had nothing to do with ‘me’ (and apparently a lot to do with a type of high caliber military weaponry, which was a naïve freelancer oversight in 2015). Plus, most people I work with say they like me, my voice and my authenticity. So it kind of made sense to make it ‘all about me’.

So, be honest. What do you think?

Miss a business name that was (inadvertently) also a type of fish?

Probably not. But what do you reckon to this new stuff?

I got really nervous about shoving my own mug all over everything. But what’s done is done. So check me out.

Hope you like it and all that.

Big thanks goes out to Adrian Wilson, Debbie Whitaker, Julie Bickerdyke, Creative Shed Agency, Ideas That Work, Martin Mann, Amy Russell and Yasmin Yarwood for making it all happen – and having a sh*t load of patience. I owe you all a (bottle of) wine.

What do my clients have to say? Find out here. (Disclaimer: not about the website, about my other stuff. No one’s given me a testimonial about my own face on a homepage – yet.)