Can a copywriter save an accountant some money? Client case study

Debbie Whitaker – Not Just Numbers

Debbie Whitaker

‘I was blown away by the case studies we received.’

I love the Not Just Numbers team – they’re fun, kind and, most importantly, really know their stuff. So when their founder and MD, Debbie Whitaker, asked me to write a series of client case studies for them, I knew I’d be chatting to people with fab things to say about working with the NJN team.

Debbie’s shared some lovely words here to say how I helped her win clients, increase marketing opportunities, and even shed a tear – in a good way! Plus, she said working with me was a great return on investment. Is there better kudos from an accountant than that?!

Here’s what Debbie thinks about me. You can also read the case studies I wrote for NJN right here.

‘Telling the world we’re great only counts for so much – a client perspective adds more value.’

‘Every accountancy practice tells you they work in a “different” way, but the NJN approach really does offer something unique. I wanted to demonstrate that, and knew the best way to do so was to ask our clients to tell us what they like about us.

However, I realised talking to clients directly myself wouldn’t have the same impact – they might hold back a little, or feel obliged to be less truthful. I wanted to create some case studies using a third party, but needed the right person to help me.’

Laura shone above the rest from the moment I met her.’

‘I first met Laura in 2016 at a Women in Business networking group. She stood out, unlike many other people I’d met in her industry. I loved her energy and the way she delivered her message about what she did, and why.

Finding someone I could trust to put in front of my clients was a big ask – they’d be representing my business, so I needed to know they’d meet my high standards. In Laura, I found the perfect person to talk to people in a professional and engaging way so they’d feel comfortable telling her their story.’

‘For us, case studies are easy – Laura does the hard work!’

‘Laura’s case study process is really straightforward for businesses. I simply ask our clients’ permission to pass on their email addresses, then introduce them to Laura and explain who she is. At that point, I back off and let Laura take care of it!

Laura totally gets us, and understands our language and how we work. So I trust her to get in touch with our clients in an appropriate way and ask the right questions. It’s not always easy to ask clients what they really think – you know they’re happy, but it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what they’re feeling. But I read their words in Laura’s stories, and cried. I couldn’t ever have imagined them saying such wonderful things, but Laura clearly knows how to bring out the best from people and turn it into a story.’

‘Case studies are the most reliable testimonials we can give our clients.’

‘Our case studies are all on our website. Because they’re not simply one-line testimonials, they provide plenty of detail, which gives us a chance not only to demonstrate what we do but how we do it. We’ve posted them all on social media, too, which has really raised our profile, and had great feedback.

Case studies are critical for new clients. They’re not my words, so they’re a true objective experience of what it’s like to work with NJN. It’s easy for us to say what we do, but nothing compares to the real experience through a client’s eyes – after all, they’re the important ones! What’s more, we now have a better understanding of what our clients think, so we’re able to improve our services based on real feedback.’

‘We work with Laura because she’s authentic and approachable.’

‘Laura gets the job done efficiently and cost-effectively – the case studies have been huge value for money. That’s because Laura writes in the tone our clients relate to and that has won us more business. Clients often tell us our case studies are amazing and they really sell what it’s like to work with us. That’s a great all-round success!

The NJN team call her “The Lovely Laura” because she listens, understands, and has creativity and flair. She’s anything but boring, and that comes across in the way she works and the way she writes. I’d highly recommend working with her.’

Not Just Numbers is a Xero cloud-based accountancy practice in Leeds. A small team working with SMEs, they provide all things accountancy – supporting businesses to look way beyond their numbers by working hand in hand with their clients to help them achieve their goals.

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