What kind of content do you need?

You want business-boosting content and floor-the-competition copy. With me, you’ll get that in the form of some stonkingly well-written words. And it sounds a bit like this:

Case studies

You need to show everyone how great you are and shout about the impressive stuff you’ve done. But it feels a bit cringey doing it yourself. I’ll interview your clients, ask them what they think, then write up a winning case study that tells your audience why you’re ace – so you can win more of the same work.

LinkedIn profiles

You’re looking for new business and you’re making the right pals online. But your LinkedIn profile’s a deathly dull, ancient CV written for your ex-boss. I’ll polish your portfolio so those all-important views tell everyone who you really are and why people would be completely bonkers not to work with you.

Website copy

Your website design team have uttered the dreaded words: ‘We just need you to supply your content.’ Gulp. Worry not. I’ll work with you (and the developers, if you like) to write the copy that attracts the customers you want, keeps them on your site, and makes them press that ‘buy now’ button.

Blog content

You know writing a blog gives you the fresh content that gets you noticed. But you never get round to writing a post, and you’ve not a clue what to say. I’ll get you off to the right start with blog content plans and topic titles. Or I’ll take care of your blog for you with month-on-month posts that are relevant, authentic, and talk about the things your customers care about.

Brand voice development

You want to sound like Innocent Drinks? No, you don’t – but you do want a strong brand voice that makes you stand out. I’ll help you develop that, with tone of voice sessions that match your vocals to your values.

Sales copy

You have to plug something new you’re offering or keep people up to date with your stuff so they don’t forget about you. But it’s kind of hard work to get going, right? I’ll write your newsletter, put an email campaign together, or help you create a brochure that reminds everyone you’re selling good stuff – and that you’re ace at it too.

Content reviews

You’ve got all your words in place – but you’ve no idea if they’re working for you, or if they’re any good. I’ll review your content, with fair and honest feedback about what’s great, what’s naff, and what you can do to make it better. For extra dollar, you can get that in a report too.

Words you want, but no match here? Shout up. I’ve also written children’s stories, magazine articles, and even reports on dental implants (strange but true). So it’s always worth an ask.

Can we work together?

If we like each other, you value great copy and content, and your business is a banging one – then why the hell not?

You’re in the right place if:

  • You’re a marketing agency director with no time or in-house expertise to deliver client copy and content.
  • You’re starting a new business or rebranding an old one, and struggling to find your voice.
  • You’re trying to find clients on LinkedIn, but have no clue what to put in your profile.
  • Your web design team have told you to ‘supply your own content’, and that feels really daunting.
  • You want stories that show off your brand and clients, but you’ve no idea where to start.

You’d be better working with one of my professional pals if:

  • You’re stuck with website design.
  • You need your copy scheduling on social media.
  • You’re looking for video content.
  • You want PR connections.

Thankfully, ’cos it’s only words, and words are all I have*, I work day in, day out with lovely souls who want to do these things above. So whether you want a reference or a collaboration, holler, as my work buddies are excellent.

*Big Boyzone fan of this Bee Gees cover as a kid in the 90s.


Karen Gavin Fine Art Property Photography

Laura rewrote the copy for my new website. What a difference it made to how the website read. She really got to know the business, the values, the details and exactly what I needed to gain from my copy. Laura is an absolute pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Laura’s friendly and professional approach.

Karen Gavin